Psychometric Services

  • Psychometric analysis: item analysis, test analysis, scoring, and equating.
  • Workshop facilitation: test specification development, article writing, data collection logistics, and standard-setting (Angoff and Bookmark).
  • Syntax development in R. Development of syntax for test analysis.

Competence-based curriculum development – DACUM

  • Develop and update competency-based curricula and training programs.
  • Preparation of certifications/licenses for professions and creation of performance tests.
  • Human resource/organizational development tools, such as job descriptions, job-specific performance reviews, and standard operating procedures

Consulting Services

  • Personalized consultancy services relating to the design of educational program evaluations; standardized test design; educational research design and implementation; design of indicator monitoring plans.

School improvement

  • K-12 student learning assessments; implementation of theories of action (improve based on evidence), staff training in educational evaluation issues.

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